Installation Instructions
  1. Determine quantity of rail and number of posts required
  2. Remove panels from box and measure desired opening to determine spacing of panels and number of posts to be used.
  3. Cut panels to proper dimensions and reinstall clips at ends if necessary.
  4. If using center post screw panels to post using enclosed fastners now or go to step 5
  5. If mounting to columns mark a horizontal line on the column at 36". This will be the top of rail setting location.
  6. Install rail to columns or walls using proper fasteners per field conditions
  7. Put all bolts in floor flanges
  8. If applicable, measure for step rails using supplied form and fax or mail to Custom Ornamental Iron, Inc. Custom made step rails take approximately 2 weeks for delivery, F.O.B. Glen Allen, Virginia
  9. Install step rail to insure that all members are level and consistent
  10. Enjoy your new powdercoated aluminum handrailing

Download PDF version or these instructions